Descendents of Nellie Florence Vannote and Vinson Andrew Holland
Vinson and Nellie were married on
9 Aug 1907 in Des Moines, Iowa
Their children Edwin, Frank, Helen and Raymond were born in this house,
202 E. Front St. in Colfax, Iowa
(Photo taken about 1900)
Edwin Conrow Holland b: 10 Aug 1908 in Colfax, Iowa; d: 4 Mar 1988
Franklin Vinson Holland b: 10 Mar 1911 in Colfax, Iowa; d: 6 Jan 2003 in Dublin, CA
Helen Florence Holland b: 12 Jun 1913, Colfax, Iowa; d: 7 sep 1968 in Peoria, Illinois
Raymond Eugene Holland b: 15 Nov 1915, Colfax, Iowa.
Lucille Marie Holland b: Feb 16, 1921 in Ames, Iowa; d: 8 Mar 2000 in Peoria, IL
Babette "Betty" Bates b: 5 May 1910 in Des Moines, Iowa; d; 29 Aug 1988 in Minneapolis, Mn
Descendents of  Edwin and Betty
m: 20 Oct 1933 Keokuk, Iowa
Descendents of  Frank and Lou
m: 14 May 1930 in Waukegan, Illinois
Lucia "Lou" Hemmer b: 5 May 1913 in Chicago, Illinois; d: 25 May 1982 in San Leandro, CA
m: 1936
George Kuhlke; b: 19 May 1909 in Bardolph, Illinois; d: 9 Jul 1953 in Peoria, Illinois
m: 1955
Clifton Abernathy b 1912; died 1969 in New York City,NY
No descendents
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m: 25 May 1941
Harold  "Smitty" John Earl Smith b 18 Apr 1919 in Brewster, NY
Descendents of  Lucille and Smitty
m: Jun 4, 1941 in Peoria, IL
Madeline Lenora Byers b: 12 Apr 1918 in Marshfield, IN
Descendents of  Ray and Madeline
about 1925
about 1925
Vinson & Nellie
Marriage Certificate