Franklin Vinson Holland b: 10 Mar 1911 in Colfax, Iowa; d: 6 Jan 2003 in Dublin, CA
married: 14 May 1930 in Waukegan, Illinois
Lucia "Lou" Hemmer b: 5 May 1913 in Chicago, Illinois; d: 25 May 1982 in San Leandro, CA
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Descendents of Frank and Lou Holland
Helen Michelle Holland b: 1949 in Oakland, CA
Michael Holland b: 1951 in Alameda, CA
John Hendrick b: 7 Jul 1945 in Shreveport, LA
m: 14 May 1977 in Berkeley, CA
Lauren Hendrick b: 20 Dec 1987 in Berkeley, CA
Alexandra Hendrick b: 27 Sep 1990 in Napa, CA
m:  8 Apr 1978 in San Leandro, CA
Veronica "Ronnie" Thurston b:1950