married: 4 Jun 1941 in Peoria, Illinois
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Descendents of Ray and Madeline Holland

Raymond Eugene Holland
b: 15 Nov 1915  Colfax, Iowa
d: 7 May 2008 Sacramento, CA
Madeline Lenora Byers b: 12 Apr 1918 in Marshfield, IN
Susan Christina Holland
b: 1951 in Louisville, KY
John Ray Gossard b: 1951 in Chelsea, MA
m: 3 Feb 1973 in Sacramento, CA
d: 30 Jun 1981 in Abilene, TX
Michael Paul Roach
b: 1943 in Manhattan, KS
m: 26 Jun 1984 in Anchorage, AK
Patrick Henry Gossard,
b: 17 Jun 1976 in Plattsburgh, NY;
d: 13 May 2001 in Arlington, TX