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Ancestors of Conrow Vannote
Conrow's father: William Polhemus Vannote b: 1802 Monmouth county MD: d: 1870
William Polhemus's father: William Thomas Vannote b: 1772 NJ; d: 1846 Farmer City, IL
William Thomas' father: Thomas Vannote b:1750; d:?
Thomas Vannote's father: Thomas Vannote. b: 1720 in New Jersey;d: Dec 1777
Thomas Vannote's Father: Willem Vannote, b: 16 May 1690 albany NY;d: 10 Apr 1772  NJ
Thomas Vannote's Mother: Magdelena Brouwer b: 8 Mar 1702 in Albany, NY; d: 4 Dec 1750
Magdalena Brouwer's Mother: Annetje Bogardus b: 1662 in New York; d: 1747
Annetje Bogardus' Father: Willem Bogardus b: 1639 Albany, NY; d: 1711 NYC
Willem Bogardus Father: Domine Everardus Bogardus b: 1607 in Woerden, Holland; d: 29 Sep 1647 at sea, off the coast of Wales.
Willem Bogardus Mother: Anneke Jans b: 1605 in Vleckere, Norway; d: 1663 in Albany, New York